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One hour of someone's Time = One Time Dollar

What's a Time Bank?

A Time Bank is a cycle of reciprocity that values all time as equal. Time Banking is the idea that everyone has something of value to contribute. When we share our time and talents we invest in relationships and respect each other's ability to be both givers and receivers, which enriches the community.

How does it work?

You spend an hour doing something for an individual or group that is a member of the Time Bank and earn a Time Dollar. Then, you use that Time Dollar to receive an hour of a member's time for something you need in the future. No money is exchanged, only time and talents - from pet sitting, to cleaning to making a home-cooked meal - it's as broad as the talents of the community.

For example, you help Jackie grocery shop and earn one Time Dollar. Then you spend your Time Dollar and get your bike fixed by Bill. Bill earns his Time Dollar by pet sitting for Jackie. The cycle of giving and receiving continues among Time Bank members to satisfy the needs of each other.

Why join the Time Bank?

The Time Bank brings the community together, allowing us to recognize our interdependence. It's a way to meet your neighbors and give back to others by doing something you enjoy.

The Time Bank shows us that everyone has something to offer, and empowers individuals to contribute. People who may view themselves as only a "giver" or a "receiver" begin to realize they do have something of value to share, and that everyone is both a "giver" and a "receiver."

Through the Time Bank, each member's unique voice is respected and identified; each member's individual gifts can be offered and shared within their community; meeting needs while meeting neighbors.

Join the First In Families of North Carolina Time Bank

The FIFNC Time Bank is open to the entire community in Wake, Durham Orange, Chatham and Person counties - with particular emphasis on including the many skills and talents of those who experience disabilities and their families.

After submitting your Time Bank Application, a FIFNC staff member will approve your Time Bank submission and notify you that your membership is active. When your membership is active, register online at the FIFNC Time Bank Website.

If you are having trouble submitting your Time Bank Application, or have any questions, please contact Bryce Coleman at 919-251-8368 x 103.