Success Stories: Goals, Dreams, and Quality of Life


In 2003, a young woman with disabilities approached FIF of the Sandhills for assistance with transportation. She wanted to get to the local school to volunteer. The FIF resource coordinator found someone with a van to donate with the needed wheelchair lift already installed. The woman is now volunteering at the library and also reading to kindergartners five days per week.

Prom Night

two girls in prom dresses with guy in tux using a walkerIn 2004, FIF of Johnston County partnered with local businesses and the high school to provide a memorable Prom Night for five very excited students with disabilities who were in their senior year. The teens had a wonderful night, and the community was brought closer together.

Staying Employed

In 2002, the Wake County FIF chapter helped keep one man employed by problem-solving a snag in his transportation. Not only did they find a carpool ride to work for the man, but they also introduced him to others in his neighborhood and before long, he had made several friends in his community.

Getting Married

bride in gownSoutheastern FIF served as a wedding planner to a young couple with developmental disabilities. The church, minister, reception location, DJ (entertainment), decorations, food and photography were all donated by businesses and individuals. In addition, a beautiful used formal wedding gown was located, acquired and donated by a family FIF had served in the past. The wedding gown required only simple alterations, and sequins were added by a volunteer staff person. One hundred guests attended this social event of the season.

Wish Fulfillment

High Country FIF partnered with Hospice to get a family to the beach. Their daughter, who experiences a developmental disability, wanted to get her dad to the beach before he became too ill to travel. None of them had ever seen the ocean. FIF also obtained free passes to a nearby amusement park.


A mother and her adult daughter applied to FIF of Mecklenburg for help. The mother was very depressed as she tried to support her daughter with a developmental disability. Both were isolated and struggling. FIF staff took them to church one Sunday looking for an option out of their social isolation. It was the right fit. They now attend this church and have become involved individually in social events and political work.

All stories and photos are used with permission.