Success Stories

2,377 families in North Carolina were supported by First In Families (FIF) in 2010-11, and over 27,000 requests have been fulfilled since we began measuring our impact in the community in 1998.

Here are some real stories highlighting the work we do. All stories and photos were provided by the local FIF Chapters and are used with permission.

Stretching the public dollar

FIF helps people face enormous financial challenges by negotiating with the private sector for large price reductions.

FIF of Durham provided support for a mother of five, including a newborn with big medical challenges and the need for an organ transplant. To help with numerous logistical needs for a medical trip to Cincinnati, FIF bargained with hotels, Verizon, a church, and a car mechanic. FIF will keep in close touch with this family during the hospitalizations and trips to assist if necessary with other challenges. In the short run, huge expenses were reduced. In the long run, this assistance can reduce a family's dependence upon public funding, and increase their ability to contribute to the economy.

Selected Stretching the Public Dollar stories:

Community partnerships

When the community, including agencies, businesses, and places of worship, solves problems together, it saves taxpayers money.

Selected Community Partnerships stories:

Goals, Dreams, and Quality of Life

Satisfying work and personal relationships can contribute to longer term reductions in public expense for mental health treatment. FIF helps in the short-run and long-run.

Selected Goals, Dreams, and Quality of Life stories: