Success Stories: Goals, Dreams, and Quality of Life

A poem sent to us by the mother of a family helped by First In Families of North Carolina.

My Darling - My Blood

Conceived by two loving people
My mother carried me inside of her for nine months

What is normal - Am I normal
Traveled down the same birth canal
Born into a word that judges by appearance

What is normal - Am I normal
My brain developed in its own significant way - Yet I can think
My eyes are not created like yours but I see
Yes, my hearing is impaired - Yet I hear

What is normal - Am I normal
The same blood that flows threw my veins is the same make up of yours.
Our cells are different, but the blood travels down the same path.
My skeletal make up may be smaller in areas, not like yours but my bones are still strong

What is normal - Am I normal
God created us in his image and you question?
It takes me more time to process things than you but I am a deep thinker

What is normal - Am I normal
Born without a vital organ - but it functions as it should
You may not be able to understand my speech - Listen with your heart and not your ears

What is normal - Am I normal
I love the same way you love
I hurt the same way you hurt
If you cut me, we bleed the same way.

What is normal - Am I normal
I may walk a little different than you but hold my hand and walk with me
Judge me not, I am who and what I was supposed to be
I am my mother's son

What is normal - Am I normal
I am what I am, I am me
I am alive and safe, I will forever be
I am an angel within myself

I ask you what is normal? ME

All stories and photos are used with permission.