Success Stories

FIF helps people face enormous financial challenges by negotiating with the private sector for large price reductions.

Stretching the public dollar

Selected stretching the public dollar stories.

Adapted Computer

An 11-year old boy who is blind in one eye and visually impaired needed a computer to help with homework. Triad FIF partnered with Handy Capable Network to purchase a refurbished computer, and then upgraded it to include a large letter keyboard, a large monitor, and extra large icons. Now he can see and do his homework with ease. This type of specialized equipment is very expensive but makes computer use possible for people with visual impairment.

Safe Transportation

High Country FIF received a call from a grandmother who suddenly became guardian to nine grandchildren, several with developmental delays. Her most pressing immediate need was safe and practical transportation. FIF found a used van for sale for $1500, negotiated the price down to $1000, and partnered with several businesses to match FIF dollars. This grandmother is now able to safely get her large family to the grocery store, doctors appointments, and community sporting events.

All stories and photos are used with permission.