Jobs Available for Lifetime Connection

Lifetime Connections Facilitator job description:

The Lifetime Connections program builds Personal Networks of support for individuals with disabilities, referred to as the 'member' here. FIFNC is hiring up to four (4) facilitators effective immediately. Facilitators coordinate a network of volunteers who each bring different skills, interests, life experiences, and gifts to benefit the member in various ways and at different times as they move through life and its challenges. A well running network helps the member meet their short-term goals and long-term dreams, which may include greater economic self-sufficiency and independence, emotional and social well-being and self-determination. It also provides the family members with greater assurance of long-term well-being for their loved one. Please read more about this program at

Specific duties of the Facilitator include:

  • Meeting with new members and families, to get to know the member and important people in their life and to understand what their goals and concerns may be.
  • Develop and facilitate the Personal Network, schedule meetings, record notes from meetings; Specific roles of the Network are:
    • support and assist member in daily decision making and resolution of minor problems, helping develop growth in the areas of: Relationships, Housing, Choice, Financial Stability, Giving Back;
    • assist member by teaching them useful approaches or activities (how to ride a bus, how to get an EBT card, how to dress for an interview) and encouraging follow through (by member or by network volunteer) with agreed upon tasks, locating social activities, or providing other assistance as needed;
    • Informing members on community resources and how to use them appropriately, providing information to member and families on specific topics, as requested, accompanying members to meetings, etc.
    • Fostering member's development of healthy relationships by encouraging participation in community activities
    • Build relationships that lead to attaining personally identified goals: employment, independence, etc.
  • Monitor progress of Network in identifying member's goals and dreams and in reaching outcomes;
  • Provide monthly reporting to FIFNC administrative staff that documents goals met and outcomes achieved.

Job Requirements

  • High School Diploma or GED or equivalent
  • A valid NC driver's license and proof of insurance
  • Background check
  • A plus: CPR, first aid, NCI and/or role related certifications

Job Details

  • Contractor: $25/ hour
  • Part-time, hours may vary dependent on member's need and number of Networks being facilitated.
  • Positions available in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill/Pittsboro.

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