7 Steps In 7 Sessions: Lifetime Connections Workshop

The 7 Steps In 7 Sessions: Creating Peace of Mind for the Future workshop provides a small group setting in which you will be guided through reading, exercises, and discussion resulting in a personal future plan. The future planning process helps you create a safe and secure future for your family member with a disability.

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Topics include:

  • Sharing your vision: What is a good life for your family member?
  • Creating a home: What is "home" to my family member and how do we create it?
  • Building relationships: Create a network of support for your family member.
  • Developing a will and estate plan: Learn about special needs trusts and choosing a trustee.
  • Making a contribution: How can gifts be acknowledged, expanded, contributed?
  • Ensuring choices: How can choices be respected and safety maintained?
  • Securing your plan: A look to the future, what needs to be done to strengthen your plan over time.

For more information contact Lifetime Connections at 919-251-8368 extension 107 or connections@fifnc.org.

Participant quote:
This class helped to change the way I think about the future of my child.